Making Good on a Dream

When life is good I write less.

Being wrapped up in the busyness of a life well lived means I tend to turn to my writing less often. Unfortunately this results in journals filled with angst, introspective musings, rants and nothing but. So I am going to have to challenge myself over the next two months to keep on writing because life is going to stay good.

These last few months have been a blur of bookings, research, details and To-Do lists. I apologize for neglecting this blog in the process. But the day we have been so diligently planning for has finally come. We have arrived in Thailand with the hope of reconnecting as a family, while exploring a different culture and learning a lot about ourselves in the process.

When my husband and I were dating we put each other through the usual compatibility tests. We daydreamed about a future together imagining the cabin in the woods where we would live off the land, talking about the number of children we wanted, and the fact that we would travel with them so they could challenge and expand their worldviews. It feels great now to be making good on that dream of ours.

We have two young children so the flights over from Canada were a long haul. But the boys were troopers and we arrived here unscathed. The process of getting to know this bustling metropolitan city of Bangkok has been equal parts fascinating and overwhelming. If these first two days have been any indication then I fully expect this trip will be a rich opportunity for learning about ourselves both individually and as a family unit.

This blog will no doubt take on a different look over these next two months as I continue to share my ramblings about life and living with Bipolar Disorder from the other side of the earth. But it will be great to have you along for the ride!

Sa-wad-dee-ka from Thailand,





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