A Bit Like Baring Your Soul

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

But I’m also an ‘ideas’ person. Constantly coming up with new ones – daily in fact.

The two traits sometimes counteract one another.

I had an idea almost two years ago. I decided I needed to write a children’s story. One that would start a conversation with my own children. One that would open up a subject that doesn’t get explored often between parent and child.

I wanted to find a way to explain my illness to them. It was time.

So I started writing it, the night I first got the idea in fact. And here it is almost two years later and it’s finally done. Better late than never they say.

All along the way I have shared drafts with my kids. It was actually one of my older son’s ideas that sparked one of the stories.

In February of this year I went to a writer’s conference. They talked to us about the roadblocks most writers have. The biggest one of all being our fear of failure. I blame my ego for mine.

They told us sidestepping this fear and sharing what we write is really the only way to get better at it. So this is what I am doing. It’s a bit like baring my soul.

I have two stories to share with you. One a bit cheeky, the other not so much.

I’m hoping you’ll do me a favour. Can I ask you tell me which one you like better? Can I ask you to share this with parents who might need to start this conversation with their own children? Can I ask for your notes, your suggestions, your ideas for how to improve?

Ultimately, I’d love to see one or both published. Maybe with beautiful illustrations? But first I’d love your opinions. Thanks for reading.

Mommy's Brain is Like a Yo-Yo









Story 1: Mommy’s Brain is Like a Yo-Yo

A Heart of Branches









Story 2: A Heart of Branches

Thanks for your help!


12 responses to “A Bit Like Baring Your Soul

  1. Sarah, They are both wonderful, I think I like the one from the boys perspective the best but they will both be very helpful. You rock girl.

  2. A Heart of Branches is my favourite, but both are important for different reasons. It is helpful to understand what is happening (the yo-yo story) but even more important to explore the feelings. Feelings are hard for adults and even harder for kids to understand. Both brought tears to my eyes.

  3. I love both stories, Sarah. They speak to different young audiences, so are both important. You’re a terrific writer!

  4. This is Sarah M’s sister, Kate. I loved both of the stories – they are so different that it was hard to choose one. I clicked on Mommy’s Brain is Like a Yo-yo because I felt that the language was a bit more clear and concise. I’m going to share the FB post on my page too.

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